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How to Find Real Estate Jobs That Require No Experience

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Real estate jobs can be a very popular choice for many job seekers due to the flexibility of work hours and good pay. However getting into the real estate industry can be a daunting task for many job hunters. It's good to know that some real estate jobs will let you in on the ground floor and require little to no experience.

Local Resources

Visit local real estate offices in your area. Speak with real estate brokers and agents about the requirements to break into the real estate market in your area. The majority of real estate companies are looking for new agents with no experience that they can train from the ground up.

The same is true for local builders. Many home builders prefer to train their own sales people, and do not require previous real estate experience.

Talk to local mortgage brokers. Sometimes a job hunter can find a loan officer position where the company is willing to train them. More often than not, however, job seekers with no experience are brought aboard as a loan processor, responsible for submitting paperwork and organizing files. While it might be a time-consuming job, it does give job hunters the ability to break into the lending industry in just a few years.

Use websites such as Careerbuilder or to search real estate employment opportunities. This will net several results for current real estate job listings that require little to no experience.

Visit the Bureau of Labor and Statistics website to decide between real estate careers that best match your personality and work habits. On this website, you can also find average earnings and statistics for all kinds of real estate careers.

Seek out home-staging companies. Stagers go into a home and help the seller maximize the space they have by using furniture and accessories to create the most attractive space possible, helping to sell the property faster by creating an environment and ambiance that is attractive to prospective buyers. Most staging companies are happy to take on individuals with no experience either as interns or direct hires and train them from the ground floor up.

Offer your services as a handyman. With all of the foreclosures that remain vacant for long periods, many banks, real estate agents and asset managers are looking for tradespeople to clean, paint, do yard work and complete minor repair work in many properties. This can be a great way for someone with no experience to dive head first into the real estate industry.


Talk to several different companies. Each real estate company is different. It's best to spread out your search and find something that is a good fit for your personality.


Real estate is hard work. This career can involve working on weekends and in the evenings.