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How to Become a Fashion Executive

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Step 1

Begin by obtaining a degree in business management, fashion merchandising or marketing. This solid first step provides you with the entry-level requirement for many fashion organizations. Choose a college or university with a solid reputation in the industry. When applying to a college, ask the Admissions Department where graduates are working.

Step 2

Throughout your college career, stand above the average. Strive to graduate with honors at the top of the class. Choose as many fashion-related electives as possible. Join and maintain membership in campus clubs that relate to fashion, management and marketing.

Step 3

Get work experience. During winter breaks sign on as holiday help for local fashion retailers. Parlay entry-level work into an internship. By assisting high-level management, you learn the lingo. Vocabulary, mannerisms, and style of dress provide a template for you to follow. At the conclusion of your internship, ask for a letter of reference.

Step 4

Be "in the know". Join fashion associations. Once a member, start attending industry workshops and conventions. Follow industry stocks and Wall Street developments. Subscribe to industry publications. Read them daily. Keep abreast of industry happenings and news.

Step 5

Dress the part. Fill your closet with executive-level clothing. Wear shoes, bags, suits and accessories that exude style and quality. Looking the part is essential. Act the part. To be perceived as an "executive type" you must behave in the manner of an executive.

Step 6

Pay a professional to create your resume. Include educational accomplishments, association memberships, and industry- based experience. Give your resume the look of success. Print it on high-quality paper.

Step 7

Begin the job hunt. Seek a lower-level management position, take the highest position you are offered, and work your way up. You become an executive by looking the part, being reliable, building a reputation, developing connections and taking opportunity when it comes your way.


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