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How to Donate Plasma for Cash in Kansas City

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Plasma is the yellowish, liquid part of the blood that is made up of water and blood-based proteins. Plasma donations go towards helping people with serious medical disorders like immune deficiency diseases and hemophilia. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration mandates that plasma donations may occur no more than twice a week, with two days rest between donations. Donors must be at least 18 years old and weigh 110 pounds to be considered. There are six plasma donation centers in Kansas City that can get you started with the donation process.

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Find a plasma center near you (see the "Donor Centers" link in the Resources section and the "Survival Insight" link in the References section). Schedule an appointment to meet with a technician.

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Bring your driver's license and Social Security card with you to the center. You must fill out paperwork and provide proof of your identity.

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Submit to two medical examinations, health screenings and testing for transmissible viruses (Hepatitis B, C and HIV) before donating plasma. Answer questions about your medical history.

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Donate your plasma. The technician will connect you to a machine that extracts the plasma from your blood.

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Collect your compensation (based on your time and donation) and schedule your next appointment.



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