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How to Prepare for the Washington State Electrical Administrators Exam

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The Washington State Electrical Administrators Exam tests people on the national electrical code. To obtain an electrical administrators certificate, you must pass the electrical administrators exam. If you want to effectively prepare for the exam, you should take a Washington State Electrical Administrators course. An electrical administrators certification allows a person to handle administrative paperwork and to do administrative tasks such as placing bids for electrical work. In contrast, an electrician license enables a person to work as a journeyman or electrician.

To register for the electrical administrators course, go to this website: Students who take this course learn about electrical theory application, the requirements of the national electrical code and Washington state rules and regulations. Students are also given a practice test.

Click on the "register" icon at the bottom right corner of the page. Complete the information on the upload page, giving information such as your name, electrician's license number, electrician's license expiration date and address. Enter your credit card information to pay the registration fee. The registration fee is $550.

Click "submit payment." A return e-mail will confirm that you are registered in the course.

Check with the Washington State Electrical Administrators website for updated information on class sessions or call the office of the Construction Industry Training Council of Washington at 877-238-8646. The website is updated when the instructor gives the Construction Industry Training Council of Washington office available dates. The class is generally offered in the fall, winter and spring--but not in the summer. Typically, the course is scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays and lasts three to four weeks. Classes are held at the office of the Construction Industry Training Council of Washington at 1930 116th Ave, N.E., Stuite 201, in Bellevue.

Study course materials and study the National Electrical Code book.


You will be required to renew the license every two years. As an electrical administrator, you will need to take continuing education courses to renew certification. To do well on the exam, make sure that you know the National Electrical Code.



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