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How to Find a Job That Delivers Campers to Dealers

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The RV business may not get as much attention as the car business, but it's still a big industry. Opportunities abound nationwide for RV delivery persons to relocate RVs from the manufacturer to the dealer. In some cases, delivery is also needed from a dealer to the new owner. Such positions can be found easily with a little preparation and a few key tips.

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Make sure you have all the right qualifications in place before attempting to find a delivery job. Most transport companies and delivery services will require that all drivers have the necessary equipment and paperwork in order. You may be required to own your own truck with towing capabilities, or you may be asked to rent or lease a truck from the transport company. You will need a valid CDL along with a standard driver's licenses and adequate insurance. Most companies will also require that you have significant experience with auto or RV transporting and verifiable experience driving large trucks.

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Search the yellow pages and business directories in your area to find the listings of all nearby RV dealerships. Contact the dealerships and ask who does their transport. Offer your services if applicable and ask if they would be willing to hire an independent delivery driver. Make note of the current transport company the dealership uses and check that company's website for current delivery job listings.

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Check all online career websites and job listings for any current camper delivery positions and apply to any available openings. Utilize a search engine such as Google or Yahoo and enter in search strings like "RV Transport Jobs," "RV Delivery," "Camper Delivery" and "Camper Transport Driver." A list of websites highlighting those words will be returned and will often include current job listings.

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Start your own transport business. If you have the experience, the equipment and the dedication, simply make sure your insurance is up to date and then advertise your services to RV dealerships and manufacturing facilities nationwide. You can also find people who need delivery services in online forums and communities for RV enthusiasts. Keep your eyes open and you just may find yourself in the right place at the right time. The more jobs you take on, the more likely you will find yourself with subsequent job offers.