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How to Write a College Movie Review

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When writing a movie review as a college student, you don't want to spoil moviegoers' experiences by stating what happens at the end of the movie. You just want to focus mainly on the most important scenes and overall plot of the movie to give readers an idea of what the movie is about. Also, compare this movie with other films the producer or director may have done, if possible. Finally, you should use language that's colorful and humorous but not culturally insensitive to specific readers.

Write a rough draft immediately after the movie. This helps you remember some of the main points of the movie you want to focus on in the review. If you're watching the movie at home, take notes during the movie. After writing the rough draft, organize the review by starting out with how the movie begins, then work your way up to the more climatic scenes in the movie.

Discuss the plot and characters. Mention strengths and weaknesses of both characters and plot. For example, if you're reviewing a movie that was based on a book about women in the Cuban Revolution, you can discuss if the main person who portrayed a female in the Revolution did or did not do an accurate representation of a female living under Castro's government. Explain the reasoning behind your assertion.

Mention the technical aspects of the movie. Talk about the visual effects, sound effects, the director's use of certain scenes, background music and the costumes of characters. Discuss whether these specific elements worked for the movie or not. If you felt that the director's use of medieval costumes worked well for the movie or that you disagreed with the choice of techno music for the movie, state this in the review.