How to Become a Middle School Basketball Coach

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With the increasing popularity of basketball and with the greater demand for basketball coaches, finding a coaching position may not be that difficult. However, high school, college and professional basketball coaches must have years of experience and thorough knowledge of basketball philosophy and player tendencies. Becoming a middle school basketball coach does not require much experience since these positions typically do not pay well. Many coaches use their experience coaching middle school to eventually progress to high school and college programs.

Learn all of the basketball rules. You must have a deep understanding of all rules, even the most trivial ones. Otherwise, you will not be able to teach your team how to play properly. Find books on the topic, and watch live games to get a sense of the game flow. Middle school players often have very limited understanding of basketball fundamentals. You must understand the game extremely well in order to develop effective drills and practices.

Develop a coaching philosophy. Every basketball coach must develop an identity for his team. The team may emphasize offense, defense or a particular pace of the game. Learn the basic sets that correspond to your coaching philosophy. Augment these sets, and begin to develop a playbook that is catered to your individual coaching style.

Search for jobs in local newspapers. Middle school coaching jobs are not typically advertised on billboards or television. They are usually given to the first applicant who approaches the school. Local newspapers, newsletters and publications will print these job ads for free or for a small fee.

Contact a middle school directly. Many schools have a need for a basketball coach but opt to give the position to a teacher in the school. These teachers cannot invest adequate time into the position and often have limited knowledge of basketball. By offering middle schools a better alternative and showing passion for the sport, you are likely to be awarded the position.

Create a basketball program for a school. Many middle schools do not need a basketball coach because they do not have a basketball team. Bring up the idea at a PTA meeting or at an individual meeting with the principal. Show your passion for the cause to start a team and become its coach.


Do not get discouraged if you cannot find a position immediately. Many middle schools do not have serious basketball programs that require coaching. Stay calm. Middle school players are emotionally fragile. Learn to teach without being abusive or patronizing.