How to Close an ASP Baton

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The ASP type telescopic baton has been used by security and law enforcement forces since the 1960s. Easy to open by means of centrifugal force from several positions, it can sometimes be problematic to close. Care should be used to close it properly using the right techniques so that you are safe, and the tool is not damaged.

If your baton is out and extended you may have been in a confrontation. Do not collapse the baton and re-holster it if there is still any sort of threat that is not under complete control.

Find out if your baton is an auto-lock or a friction lock. Auto-lock ASP batons are easy to close as long as they are functioning properly as they have a button that you simply depress for the baton to collapse. Friction lock batons are trickier.

‘Wiggle’ the baton from side to side while attempting to collapse it with both hands. In some cases where a friction lock baton has been extended, if it was extended with force, it may be only barely locked. This technique more often than not will close a barely locked ASP.

Stubborn batons need to be impacted against a hard surface to close. When the friction lock ASP baton is extended and won't collapse with a simple wiggle, ram it forcefully with the tip facing toward the impact point against a hard surface such as a floor or a solid wall. Do this with your off-hand so that your strong hand is free if needed to address any possible threats.

Batons that will not close otherwise may have to be withdrawn from the field and tapped along the shaft with a rubber mallet until the friction lock loosens. Be sure not to force the baton closed as this can warp or bend the shaft and damage the tool.


When trying to close the baton by impacting it on a hard surface you may need to try hitting it at a 45 degree angle at the tip against the surface and then rotating the baton. Repeat this rotate-tap, rotate-tap method as needed.


When trying to close the baton against the ground, be sure to only go down on one knee while keeping your head oriented to any possible sources of threat.