How to Get Jobs Cleaning Offices

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Many people make a living in the housekeeping industry. Not only do homes need cleaning, but offices as well. Some may only need a quick dust and vacuum, while others require much more intensive work. They offices can be residential or commercial, small or large. Potential employers are looking for someone who can clean well and will leave an office ready and presentable for the next day.

Create a resume. If you do not have any cleaning experience, list what experience you do have. Be sure to include that you are efficient and make it known you will get the job done. Post the resume to online job boards.

Design your business card. You can do this on a home computer using various software programs or you can seek the help of an experienced print shop or graphic designer. Be sure to include the name of your business, along with your contact information.

Leave business cards anywhere that may lead to a future contact. These can include real estate offices, construction companies, nail and hair salons, car lots and doctor’s offices. Be sure to talk to the human resource director or person in charge before leaving a card. Smile and be friendly, as first impressions are important when trying to obtain a job.

Clean houses or offices on the side for friends and family. This will help build your clientele and create references. With their permission, include the names of these people on all resumes submitted.

Check the classified section of your local newspaper for office cleaning jobs. Sometimes cleaning companies advertise for help on a part-time or temporary basis. This can lead to full-time jobs if your cleaning capabilities meet the company's standards. You can also schedule an appointment with staffing agencies that cater to those who are looking to work in the housekeeping industry.

Ask others who have experience cleaning offices for their advice. Find out where they started and what kind of experience they had. If you are able to tag along for a day, offer to help them clean for free. At the end of the day, ask what you should have done differently, if anything. Take that criticism and learn from it.


Determine ahead of time how many days a week you are available to clean offices.


Some cleaning chemicals may be dangerous to pregnant women.
Do not lift heavy equipment if you have any medical condition for which heavy lifting is contraindicated.