How to Find an FAA Employee

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The Federal Aviation Administration--or FAA--is the government agency responsible for overseeing aviation safety in the United States. The FAA has approximately 50,000 employees working in regional offices, Flight Standards District Offices, and in airports across the United States. There are three options to finding an FAA employee.

Search the FAA employee directory. The Federal Aviation Administration website provides an online employee directory. You can search for an FAA employee by last name; the search tool returns employee name, FAA division, telephone and fax numbers, office address, and email address.

Find your local FAA office. Full contact lists of all divisions of the Federal Aviation Administration, as well as Flight Standards District Offices, aviation education program managers, and regional offices are available on the FAA's website. All contact lists feature office addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and general division email addresses, as well as contact information for the head of each office.

Search networking sites. Online networking sites such as LinkedIn sort members by employer; the Federal Aviation Administration has its own group on the site, where you can search for FAA employees by last name.