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How to Write a Cover Letter for a Healthcare Job With No Experience

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Many people believe that the key to getting a healthcare job is showing adequate experience on your resume. But you don't have to despair if you have little or no background in the field. Surprisingly, it's possible to get certain entry-level jobs in the healthcare field with very little experience. The secret to doing so is writing the perfect cover letter to accompany your less-than-stellar resume. You'll have to make up for your lack of experience somewhere, and your cover letter is definitely the place to start.

Make a list of your academic accomplishments that can contribute to your skills on the job. For example, if you've recently aced all of your healthcare-related classes, you'll show your knowledge of the healthcare field and your ability to succeed—at least on paper. The same holds true if you have completed independent study or obtained a certification in a health-related field, even if you don't yet have any practical experience.

Make a list of other activities that you have participated in that display the skills you would need to succeed in the healthcare field. For example, you may have worked at an animal shelter with a veterinarian and responded well under pressure. Alternatively, working as an office manager can show your ability to stay organized and to take responsibilities seriously.

Make a list of skills you have that you think would assist you in succeeding in the healthcare profession. These may include perseverance, idealism, responsibility, people skills or overall passion for the field. Then list some specific examples of times when you have portrayed each of these skills.

Look at your lists of accomplishments, activities and skills, and circle the ones that you think are most important to include in your cover letter. Make sure you choose the skills that you think fulfill both of the following criteria: The skills would be particularly helpful in the job you are applying for, and you can give solid support to show that you truly have those skills.

Write a rough draft of your cover letter, making sure to include the circled items from the previous step. Make sure to emphasize your strong desire to work in the healthcare field, as well as your confidence that your abilities will make you the perfect candidate for the job. Do not simply repeat everything from your resume in your cover letter. Your cover letter should making a convincing argument about why you should be considered as a serious candidate for the position.

Revise and carefully proofread your cover letter, fixing any formatting errors, grammar mistakes or other problems that you may find.


Give your cover letter to friends or family members who have a strong command of the English language and a critical eye. Ask them to read the letter and give you their feedback. Revise your letter accordingly.