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How to Clean a Flat Grill in a Restaurant

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Clean restaurant flat grills to keep the food you cook tasting its best. Flat grills, also known as griddles, consist of a large, flat metal cooking surface. Unlike grill grates, flat grills are easier to keep clean because you do not have to scrub between grates. Cleaning your flat grill while it's still warm helps release stuck-on food. Opt for a nightly cleaning of the flat grill shortly after closing the kitchen to use the residual heat from the grill to aid in cleaning. This will save you time when you open the next morning because the grill will be clean and ready to use in minutes.

Turn off the hot flat grill and wait for it to cool slightly for two to three minutes.

Empty the fat catcher into an approved grease disposal container for your restaurant.

Scrape off any food from the warm surface of the flat grill using a scraper.

Douse the surface of the grill with soapy water and let it sit for three to five minutes to soak any food still stuck to the grill.

Scrub the flat grill with a scrub brush and rinse clean with warm water.

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