How Do I Get a Florida Electrician's License?

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Electricians looking to get licensed in Florida can obtain a local registered license or a certified license. The certified license allows electricians to practice anywhere in the state, while the local license allows its holders to work in one county. In Florida, licensed electricians can expect to make $45,000 to $50,000 per year (in 2010), according to Search Colleges.

Review the guidelines posted by the Electrical Contractors' Licensing Board (see Resources) to make sure you have enough experience to apply for the licensing exam and the license. The state of Florida accepts applications from individuals with three years of electrician management experience, four years of electrician supervisor experience or six years of training.

Complete an application for the exam and pay the exam fee. As of 2010, the certified examination application fee is $327.50. You can locate the exam application online at (see Resources).

Study for and take the exam. According to, the exam is open book and covers three topics: general business, technical knowledge and safety. Topics on the exam include personnel management, management accounting, electrical wiring methods, electrical theory and safety.

Wait for your exam results. If you do not pass, you need to retake the exam before you can apply for your license. If you pass the exam, proceed with your electrician's license application.

Obtain an application for the license. You can download the application directly from the Electrical Contractors' Licensing Board or fill out and submit the application online.

Complete the application and send the required proof to the Electrical Contractors' Licensing Board. In order to take the licensing exam, you need to provide proof of your experience, such as W2 forms and employment verification forms signed by your supervisors. If you're applying for a Florida license and have not worked as an electrician in Florida, you also need to provide notarized reference letters from three contractors who are familiar with your work.

Wait for the Board to approve your application at a Board meeting. If you have passed the exam and provided adequate documentation, your application for a Florida electrician's license should be approved.