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How to Train for Refrigeration Certification

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If you are adept at working with machinery and enjoy the culture of the restaurant industry, consider a career as a commercial refrigeration technician. Refrigeration work pays well, and skilled refrigeration technicians are always in demand among restaurateurs who rely on their refrigeration equipment to keep their food items cold and safe. In order to become a refrigeration technician, you must pass an EPA test to qualify for certification to work safely with environmentally hazardous materials.

Enroll in a refrigeration certification program at a technical school or technical college. The EPA website (see Resources) provides links to approved programs that offer training and also administer the certification exam.

Complete the refrigeration coursework for the type of refrigeration that you wish to perform, such as small appliances, large appliances or low-pressure equipment. Learn the necessary material, studying ozone depletion, regulation, recovery techniques, clean air legislation, safety, leak detection and any other topics included in the test for the type of refrigeration work you will be performing.

Review the exam preparatory materials provided for you by the institution offering your certification class and exam. Study the course materials to prepare for your certification exam. The cost of the certification exam is usually included in the price of the training seminar.