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How to Work From Home in Medical Coding Jobs

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Medical coding involves interpreting services rendered to patients by doctors into codes for the purpose of getting reimbursement from health insurance companies. Due to technological advances, many jobs can now be done from the comfort of your home. Medical coding jobs are no exception and are increasingly falling into the telecommuting sector of the health care industry. To work from home as a medical coder, you need to have the right qualifications, persistence and a good work ethic.

How to Work at Home in Medical Coding

Obtain certification in medical coding. To get a job as a medical coder, you must have the educational knowledge to work in this field. According to the American Academy of Professional Coders, you can take courses in a traditional college or opt for online classes to acquire your medical coding degree or certification. A certificate in medical coding will enable you to find a job as a medical coder and you can continue with higher educational levels as you work.

Set up a home office. Purchase office equipment like a computer, phone, filing cabinets and supplies that will enable you to effectively carry out your job doing medical coding from home. Make sure to install a reliable internet connection as your work will be performed by logging in remotely to your employer’s work system.

Search for home-based medical coding jobs. Visit online job forums and work-at-home forums to find job vacancies for telecommuting medical coding jobs. You can also find medical coding jobs through employment agencies, according to the Medical Coding Career Guide website.

Apply for work at home medical coding jobs. Reply to job postings or initiate communication with companies that employ work-from-home medical coding staff and request an interview. Follow up on job leads.

Demonstrate dependability. Working from home is a highly desired work situation and could result in being replaced if you are unable to keep up with work demands. Fulfill any preliminary job requirements as requested and make sure you do not miss any phone interview appointments during the hiring process. Adhere to company rules and schedules to ensure you retain your position once you are hired.


Consider gaining some on-site medical coding experience. Many employers will be more open to hiring you to do medical coding from home if you have prior experience in an employer's office.