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How to Teach English in Norway

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English is commonly spoken in Norway -- which can be a good and a bad thing when you're looking to get hired as an English teacher. On the plus side, potential employers will likely know English, and you won't have problems communicating your needs; on the other hand, it can mean the competition for jobs teaching English is fierce, and you may need a college degree.

As an American, It May Be Difficult

According to the American TESOL Institute, employers in Norway often require English teachers to have a college education as well as Norwegian citizenship, and they often want prospective employees to be able to attend in-person interviews. Since European nationals are allowed to work and live without a visa in Norway, they may be more in demand than people from other nations. To make yourself the most marketable, obtain a Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) or Teacher of English as a Foreign Language certificate from a TESOL or TEFL institute -- and ideally one that offers job placement assistance. To locate job openings, visit the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration website, as well as the sites of international schools, language schools and colleges. Also check job boards on EFL websites and forums. While in Norway, ask friends or family to recommend you for a job. Often, the best way to be hired in Norway is to be recommended by someone you already know there and to already speak the Norwegian language.