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How to Get a Job When You Have Been a Stay-at-Home Mom for Years

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Many stay-at-home moms find themselves considering employment, especially when the kids get older. Some moms seek jobs for personal fulfillment, whereas others need extra cash. Either way, looking for a job when you've been a stay-at-home mom for years can be very intimidating. With a little preparation, you can lessen the stress of job hunting and increase your chances of landing a job you'll enjoy.

Take an inventory of what you have to offer. Make note of previous work experience, including volunteer positions, and don't forget to include your experience as a stay-at-home mom (financial responsibilities, organizational skills, multi-tasking).

Think about what you enjoy, what your talents are and what inspires you. You'll be happier if you can find work that fits your desires and abilities.

Consider your education. Do you have a degree or should you look into enrolling in an academic program that will offer a degree in a field that interests you?

Spruce up your wardrobe. Many moms wear mostly casual clothes, which makes perfect sense if you're at home or on the ball field most of the time. However, you may need some clothes appropriate for the workplace, and you'll definitely need a professional-looking outfit for interviews.

Create a professional resume. You can do this with templates contained in Microsoft Word or by using websites such as

Gather a few references. Even if you haven't worked outside the home in years, you should know people who have witnessed your skills or who know about your personality and abilities. Ask these people if they would be willing to be a reference. Consider individuals such as school administrators, coaches and church personnel (according to where you've been involved).

Approach interviews with confidence. Have a "can-do" attitude and believe in your ability to get a job and to do it well. Use frequent eye contact, a firm handshake and good posture, all of which communicate confidence.