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How to Register for the Post Office Exam

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The post office exam, commonly referred to as the 473 Battery Exam, consists of four key testing areas: address cross comparison, forms completion, memory and coding, and personal characteristics and experience. In the past, you had to take the exam before applying for a specific job. As of 2010, job applicants now apply for a specific job and then take the exam after an initial screening.

Go to the online employment and job listing site at the link below.

Click on "Search Jobs Online."

Select the location where you would like to work and the job you would like to apply for.

Click on "Start."

Scroll the list of job opportunities and click on one that interests you.

Click on "Apply."

Answer the questions regarding your basic information. This serves as your registration. You will then be asked to complete an initial assessment. Depending on the results of this initial assessment, you may be contacted with information on where and when to take the exam.