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How to Get New Construction Cleaning Jobs

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Construction and remodeling projects create dust, dirt and debris. Many new-construction companies hire specialty cleaning crews to deep-clean homes and commercial spaces prior to the completion of the project. Present yourself and your business as the top new-construction cleaning specialist when speaking to potential clientele. Using a variety of creative and bold marketing methods will lead to your calendar being filled with new-construction cleaning jobs year-round.

Stop by construction sites. Ask to speak with the builder or supervisor on duty. Introduce yourself and ask if a cleaning crew has already been scheduled to do post-construction cleaning. Mention you are interested in the project and explain your expertise and skills. Inquire what company the construction firm currently uses to clean its project sites. Leave business cards and ask for a card as well. Write down the name of the person you spoke with and call him in a few days.

Join the local home builders association and become an active member. Make an attempt to become involved in the association—attend a minimum of one event on a monthly basis. Remember to get to know other members and build rapport before talking business.

Start a mail campaign. Call local construction companies and ask who is responsible for hiring post-construction cleaners. Get a first and last name of the contact person. Send the contact a postcard or flier in the mail announcing your grand opening, specials and other industry news. Send a new flier or information every three months. Follow up with phone calls or personal visits.

Avoid expensive newspaper or radio advertising. Advertising must be repetitive and is extremely expensive. Make use of your interpersonal skills and focus directly on the construction business—a firm handshake and quick meeting will make a much longer lasting impression than a full-color ad. Stop by construction-related businesses and drop off cards to introduce yourself.

Attend trade shows focusing on products for the home—as both an exhibitor and a guest. Look for annual shows in your area such as The Home and Garden Show or events sponsored by The Home Builders Association. Be prepared to quickly tell prospects what sets your company apart from other construction cleaning crews.

Always carry a business card in your wallet or purse. Make an attempt to pass out a certain number of cards a week—every time you talk about your profession. Give everyone two cards—one for themselves and one to pass on to a potential lead.