How to Get a CDL Passenger Endorsement

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A passenger endorsement opens up opportunities within many CDL jobs. If you like the idea of more CDL jobs to choose from and a stable career, keep reading to learn how to add the passenger endorsement to your CDL.

Practice and memorize the method of loading people on your vehicle. Unloading procedures will also be tested for a passenger endorsement applicant.

Memorize the laws necessary to pass the CDL passenger endorsement written test. There are very particular laws that drivers with a passenger endorsement must abide by-know them!

Study emergency situations and the correct ways to handle them; what you must do and how you can keep the passengers safe. CDL passenger endorsements require that you know what to do in case of every emergency, from a crash to a threatening individual.

Gain experience as a CDL truck driver. Carrying passengers is a big responsibility; people's lives are in your hands. A few years of CDL job experience can make it easier to find passenger CDL jobs once you've got the endorsement.

File for your state's official CDL passenger endorsement application. Take the associated written and skills test; if you pass, you will gain the CDL passenger endorsement.


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