How to Respond to an Unfair Performance Evaluation

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Receiving what you feel to be an unfair performance evaluation can be disheartening and infuriating at the same time. Depending on the type of records kept at your place of employment, a negative performance evaluation can also affect future job prospects. Although you may not be able to control the situation entirely, you can voice your concerns and attempt to improve your working environment.

Consider the evaluation as honestly as possible. A negative evaluation may hurt your feelings and seem unfair at first, but after calming down and analyzing the situation, you may see some need for improvements on your part.

Create a professional document that addresses specific issues within the evaluation that you feel were unfair. Give evidence as to why you think the claims made are untrue. Refrain from hostility and personal attacks within your written statement.

Include shortcomings that you agree with in the document. If you've considered the evaluation and found some parts to be unfair but other parts to be accurate, point out the parts that are true. This shows humility, honesty and willingness to improve.

Speak to your supervisor. Tell him that you'd like him to read a document describing some problems you had with the evaluation. Ask if you can arrange a meeting once your supervisor has had time to read and process your written statement.

Discuss the evaluation with your supervisor. Remain calm and indicate an attitude of wanting to work together to create a better working situation.

Review your company's policy on filing grievances as a possible option. You don't want to jump over your boss' head without approaching her first, but if the previous steps don't help the situation, you may be able to appeal the evaluation to a higher authority within the company.


Realize that even your best efforts may not fix the situation. Ideally, your supervisor will gain respect for you and understand the situation more completely once you've taken these measures. However, if she doesn't agree with you at all, accept it and move on. If your best efforts are continually met with disapproval over time, you might want to consider looking elsewhere for employment.