How to Write a Resume Headline

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In today’s tough employment environment, a resume that gets you noticed is a necessity. There are many ways to create a resume that pops, but the headline is probably going to be the most effective tool in getting someone to read the doocument. Your resume headline should sell you as a professional, so take some time to create a headline that summarizes who you are and what you have to offer.

Writing the Headline

Make a list of your skills from every aspect of your professional arsenal, including technical, management, and leadership skills, as well as any other attributes that will help you brand yourself.

Think about how you can sell yourself using your skills list. The idea here is not to think about what you do and what jobs you’ve held, but who you are professionally.

Analyze your skills list for resume buzz words and use those when you write your headline. Buzz words don’t just attract the attention of a recruiter, they can also place your resume higher in search results.

Write multiple headlines using your skills list. Just like a newspaper headline, a resume headline summarizes who you are, such as, “highly creative and results-oriented training manager with instructional design and delivery experience.”

Choose the headline that best describes you. You may want to choose several headlines and combine them. You may also want to save some of the best headlines for use on resumes for different jobs and employers.


Avoid overly-used buzz words. Use your thesaurus and online resume sites to come up with words that are descriptive but not worn out.

Avoid using an objective as a headline. An objective tells the reader what kind of job you want to get.