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How to Get an LVN Certification Online

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The initials LVN stand for licensed vocational nurse. An LVN is also known as an LPN, or licensed practical nurse. To become an LVN or LPN, you must take between a year and two years of post-high school classes. If you are really busy, one way to get your LVN certification is via online classes.

Decide if you want to attend classes full time or part time. Attending online LVN classes can mean getting your LVN certification in as little as a year. If you attend part time, you may have to wait two or more years. At the same time, attending part time can help you hold down a job and earn tuition payments.

Pick a program. The LVN program that you choose should be certified and accredited by the state. All LVNs are certified by the state. To get your certification and attain employment, you will need to demonstrate your mastery of basic nursing concepts by attending class, spending time in a hospital and passing a state licensing exam. You want a program that can help you accomplish all of these goals.

Apply for admission. Both in-house and online LVN programs can be highly competitive. You want to make sure that you have the right background to handle the subjects you will study. Proficiency in math and an understanding of the basic sciences, such as chemistry and biology, are essential to earn your online LVN certification.

Pass classes. You will be required to study subjects pertaining to your licensed vocational nursing path. Classes will test your understanding of written communication, verbal communication, human anatomy, biological procedures and math skills. You can expect to complete term papers and face online examinations that indicate your mastery of the subjects necessary to become an LVN.

Complete your clinical education on-site at a hospital or nursing facility. Here you will learn the principles of medicine under the supervision of a nursing instructor. Clinical education can be completed in as little as six weeks to three months. It cannot be completed online.

Pass state licensing exams. To get your LVN certificate you need to pass licensing exams administered by the state board of nursing in your region. Such exams cannot be taken online. You must pass the exams to become employed as an LVN. If you want to work in more than one state, you may need to take more than one state's NCLEX exam.



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