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How to Make a Grounds Keeping Schedule

Groundskeepers are essential in maintaining the aesthetic and functional appearance of an area. Whether the land in question is a park, school, home, golf course, resort, or business, the upkeep of landscaping and maintenance of the grounds are important for a positive appearance. A schedule is necessary to keep tasks organized, whether sorting different tasks for one individual or sorting single or multiple tasks for a staff of many individuals overseeing a property.

Create a list of the tasks to be performed. Take note of whether the tasks need to be performed daily, weekly, or at some other recurring interval. If the schedule is for a staff of workers, list the names of the groundskeepers. For example, you may note that watering needs to be done each day, and mowing in a certain area needs to be done each week.

Organize the tasks according to the time needed to complete each one. In the case of multiple workers, pair up tasks with the worker whose strengths fit the job accordingly.

Create a spreadsheet on a Microsoft Excel document, ruled paper, or another computer program. In the case of one groundskeeper, place days of the week across the top horizontally and hours of the day down the left side, vertically. Fill in various tasks in their proper places; if trimming shrubs is done every Wednesday at 2 p.m., it should be written in where the Wednesday column and 2 p.m. row meet.

Place times across the top (10:00, 11:00, etc.) and the names of workers in the left column in the case of multiple groundskeepers. Each chart represents one day, with the tasks written in for each worker at the various times of the day.

Check the schedule for accuracy. Ensure the time period and date are clearly listed. Add any special instructions at the bottom, and include contact information so that workers may contact each other if it becomes necessary to share/trade duties.


If you create the spreadsheet on a computer program, you can easily copy names, times, and tasks from one date to another.


Ensure that no duplicate times are listed, as this will only create confusion.