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School Custodian Checklist

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Custodians have a long list of tasks to accomplish each day, and they go far beyond sweeping, mopping and vacuuming all floors.


Students and teachers spend the majority of their time in classrooms. Disinfect cabinets, student and teacher desks, tables, computers, keyboards and anything else that's handled frequently. Pick up and throw away trash; empty trash cans and dumpsters. Wipe blackboards and whiteboards clean. Leave a note on the teacher's desk detailing any concerns you have about the room's cleanliness. Turn off lights at the end of the school day.


Bathrooms need extra attention. Clean every stall daily, disinfecting the toilet bowl and the flush handle. Throw away all errant toilet paper, towels, and trash. Wipe and disinfect sinks. Restock toilet paper and sanitary covers for the following day. If the school uses paper towel dispensers, stock them. If it uses hand dryers, make sure they work properly. Empty and reline all trash cans, including female sanitary napkin holders. Turn off lights at the end of the school day.

Hallways, Cafeteria, Library and Community Rooms

Pick up and throw away all trash from hallways. Return any chairs, tables or other items misplaced in the hallway to their correct location.

Sanitize the cafeteria daily. Wipe and disinfect tables and chairs. Cooks should take care of the replacement of food, however, custodians should double-check that everything is in place.

Completely dust libraries and disinfect tables, chairs, computer screens and keyboards. Gather all out-of-place books for the librarian. Remove all trash.

Supplies and Notes

At the end of the school day, make a list of all supplies that are exhausted or about to be and leave a note with the school secretary. Also leave a note for the secretary about any concerns and suggestions on how to better the cleaning procedures.


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