How to Make Money at Home Online Without Paying a Fee

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Where can I make money online, working from home without having to pay a fee? And how do I know it is a legitimate job? Are these questions running though your mind? The good news is that there are many online opportunities available to make money online, that are legitimate and will pay you for your work. This article will provide you information on different websites that will pay you in some way for writing. So if you enjoy writing and want to make some extra money every month then you should join some of these sites.

Decide how much money you are looking to make per month with this new job opportunity. Obviously you want to make as much as possible but be realistic about the minimum amount you are willing to accept each month.

Think about how much time you have to give to writing articles. Some sites may require more research for their articles and you may need to revise articles to fit certain formats. Remember that you can't just sling an article together, it has to be cohesive and readable. Making money online is easy to do but if you don't take care with your writing, you won't make much money.

Sign up for some of the well-known sites that are known to pay fairly well. These sites include Demand Studios, Ehow, Suite 101, Examiner, Bukisa, Helium and Associated Content. Remember that not all sites pay uprfont for your work, so decide if you are willing to make residuals as well, or if you just want upfront payments. Read the payment structures for each site before you sign up. Also, check out each sites forums and decide whether or not you think the writers are happy. All of the sites I listed are legitimate and don't require you to pay anything upfront.


You will need to have a paypal address to receive payments from these websites.

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