How to Create a Resume for Advancement With Same Company

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Resumé writing is a learned skill, and depending in which direction you're interested in taking your career, there are several types of resumés that may apply to your search. A resume can be one of three types: Chronological, Skill/Functional or Targeted. When trying to advance within the same company, experts say a chronological resumé is the best fit. Follow these steps to properly tailor each element of your resumé if you're looking to advance within your current company.

How to Create a Resume for Same Company Advacement

Choose a personalized format for your chronological resumé. The chronological resumé presents your career information by dates, beginning with your present or most recent position first. Many resumé-building sites will have free formats you can download and use to build your own resumé. Find a format that works with the chronological resumé type.

Input your contact information at the top of the resumé.

Fashion a concise career objective that allows the recruiter to understand how a career advancement fits into your overall career goals. If you don't already have an objective section in your sample or current resumé, add it. When trying to advance within the same company, a clear career objective is essential.

Summarize your qualifications using the bullet point format to allow the recruiter to clearly see why you're a good fit to advance within the company. This "Summary of Qualifications" section will typically incorporate results-oriented numbers in the form of percentages or revenue in dollars. For example, if you increased revenue by 50% or $2 million during your tenure in your current position, note that. Recruiters know that past accomplishments are a good indicator of future success. Be honest in this section, but don't be modest.

Starting with your current position, list your work history by incorporating the following elements: -Position held, company name -Start and end dates -Company address or city/state -2 or 3 major accomplishments in bullet format under job title

If you have already advanced within the company, do not list the company twice. Under the same company name, list the different positions you have held and the dates you held them. Depending on the strength and relevancy of each position, you may either choose to stack your job titles in this section or create separate position descriptions.

List any licenses or certifications you obtained within your current position that may be essential for advancement in the company.

List your education information. On a resumé where you're applying to advance within your company, your college GPA may not be relevant, but if you've obtained a higher degree since joining the company, note that in this section. Otherwise, keep it short and simple.

Add "Awards and Special Skills" as the final section if you have been awarded with company distinctions or obtained specialized skills in your current position. Highlighting your special achievements will reinforce your value to the company.


Take advantage of your proximity to the company. Get to know the hiring managers and ask them questions before applying so they are aware of your interest. Make yourself memorable.

If you are applying for advancement within your company through an online application that doesn't require you to submit an electronic copy of your resumé, make sure you provide a new employment entry for each position you've held within the same company.



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