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How to Become a Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser

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Hearing aid dispensing has evolved—since the early 1900's—and is now practiced around the world as the demand for better hearing increases. The combination of, multiple hearing aid manufacturing companies, advancing technology, and millions of hearing impaired people makes for a multi-billion dollar industry with great career growth potential. Most companies offer on the job training—as long as you meet your state or province requirements. Those in the hearing aid industry enjoy some job security, due to the rising number of people affected by hearing loss in the world. The need for experienced licensed hearing aid dispensers is growing, and with a median salary range of about $50,000.00, this may be a career worth looking into.


You are required to re-new your license annually.

Each license board requires a certain amount of annual continuing education hours to be completed before they'll except your renewal application.


You can only legally dispense hearing aids in the state you're licensed in, however, most states and provinces offer reciprocity once you have your license, but you have to apply for licenses in those other states.

Dispensing hearing aids with-out a license or while your license is suspended, is illegal, the fines—if caught—can exceed $25,000.00.


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