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How to Make Your Own Tractor Weights

Increasing the weight of your tractor can increase the overall amount of traction that it has, preventing it from becoming stuck in the mud. While commercial tractor weights are available, one possibility for the thrifty consumer is to provide your own weighting system for your tractor, saving time and money in the process. There are a number of things you can do to add additional weight to your tractor, depending on your budget and the amount of weight to be added.

Add Calcium Chloride solution to your tires to create a homemade chemical version of tractor weights. Calcium Chloride is a dense, liquid solution that will weight the tires down to a substantial degree, providing additional weight without raising the overall center of gravity of your tractor, which could compromise safety and performance. Calcium Chloride is also fairly cheap when compared to commercial tractor weights, which can cost up to one dollar per pound or more.

Purchase a rear weight bracket, which is a device that attaches to the rear of your tractor for hanging weights. Instead of spending your money on suitcase weights, create your own weights by filling one or two small plastic gas containers with sand or gravel, hanging them from the rear weight bracket with a piece of rope to pull the tractor down and provide extra traction while working.

Create your own wheel weights if you have access to metal working tools and a sufficient supply of scrap metal. Simply cut four relatively thick sheets of metal into circular shapes that are roughly the diameter of your tractor's tires. Imaging affixing it to the hub of your wheel, punching holes through the metal in the location where the bolts would go. Now simply unbolt the wheel, placing your homemade wheel weight against the hub before reattaching the bolts to hold it into place.


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