How to Get Your Boss to Change Your Seat

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If you work in an office setting, your seat may have as much to do with your daily output as just about anything else. If you sit next to an individual who likes to talk or play disruptive music, it can be hard to concentrate. If your desk is near an exit or entry point, you may become distracted. Do not be afraid to approach your boss in regards to changing your seat. Most likely, your boss will understand where you are coming from.

Make sure there is an opening in the office for you to move to. If there are no open desks or seats, you probably won't be able to move.

Ask someone whether he are willing to exchange desks. There is no telling whether someone is willing to do this, but if you find someone who wants your seat, it may be easier to get your boss' approval.

Decide on a reason why your boss should let you change your seat. Simply saying "I want to move" won't accomplish anything. Explain how you would be more productive or the business workflow should improve if your seat is closer to a different department. Your boss is going to like the increased workflow idea.

Approach your boss when he isn't busy. Even though it is a small favor, your boss won't like to be hassled when there are bigger things on his plate.