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How to Prepare for a Skype Interview

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With video calling features such as Skype, you no longer have to travel long distances for an initial job interview with a prospective employer. As with any interview, you'll be most successful by preparing for standard interview questions, and by being personable and upbeat throughout the call. However, getting ready for a Skype interview is slightly different than it would be for an in-person interview.

Test your Connection

Test your Skype connection before the day of the interview. Poor connectivity is more than annoying; it could cost you the job. Video call another Skype friend -- or use Skype's test calling feature -- to test the sound, sights and your Internet speed. The advantage of calling a friend is that your friend may be able to give you specific feedback about how you sound and what you look like. If your home or office Internet connection is too slow to manage a decent call, move to another private location or a friend's office, so you can get it right.

Check the Background

As you prepare, scan the area behind your interview location. A cluttered background or inappropriate posters on the wall may convey the wrong impression. Clean up the room and, of course, wear clothing that fits the job you're interviewing for. If a suit would have been necessary in an in-person interview, wear one now. Lastly, minimize distractions during the time of the call. Make sure that barking dogs are out of earshot and others in the house know of your interview plans.

Review the Interview Details

Well ahead of the interview, iron out the details required to participate in a Skype interview. Find out the Skype account name of the person you're interviewing with. Double-check that you have the correct interview time, because your interviewers may be in a different time zone. Also, confirm who will initiate the call; in other words, who's calling whom?

Prepare Notes

A big plus with Skype interviews is that you can refer to notes should you get pounded with tough questions. With that in mind, write down some responses to common questions in your field, or make notes about industry-specific terminology. Still, don't neglect to practice your responses because you plan to rely on notes. As with any interview, hold a mock interview session with a friend or colleague to get out some of your pre-interview jitters.