How to Get A Job In Pipeline Construction

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There is a growing need for new pipelines in the United States to transport natural gas from new shale formations like the Marcellus Shale. Here is how to get a job in the pipeline construction industry.

First you should learn about what kinds of pipelines there are and what is involved in a pipeline construction job. There are many types of pipelines, from small gathering lines in an oil or gas field, to regional lines and transcontinental transmission lines. Large transmission lines may carry natural gas, oil, CO2 or refined petroleum. Building these lines is an major engineering endeavor and one that involves many kinds of workers. Try to decide where you skill set fits into the pipeline construction industry. In the construction phase of a major pipeline there are heavy equipment operators of all types. The top end operators are the ones who operate the pipeline excavators. At the lower end of the pay scale are those who prepare the path of the pipeline with tractors and bulldozers. Depending on the size of the bulldozer these jobs can pay quite well also. If you have heavy equipment experience consider applying to one of the large pipeline construction companies such as Sheehan Construction at

Pipeline construction jobs can also be found in the areas of welding, pipefitting and as a welder's helper. Each joint of a pipeline has to be welded on to the next and there can be thousands of joints of pipe that make up a single line. If you have welding experience look on sites like for pipeline construction job openings. If you do not have welding experience see related eHow articles about how to become a certified welder. Upon completion of your certification try to find a pipeline construction company that accepts apprentice welders. Look on and for welder openings.

Be prepared to live a mobile lifestyle for several months during the pipeline construction process. As the construction of the pipeline progresses you will move to the next closest town with a motel. Some pipeline construction jobs allow for weekends off, others, such as repair work on a live pipeline may not. Prepare your family for this type of life and be ready to travel.


Be drug free. All pipeline construction companies test pre-hiring and randomly after you are hired.

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