How to Become a Relationship Coach

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Relationship coaches are experts on dating and attraction that help individuals find, attract and ultimately form romantic relationships with others. Being a relationship or dating coach requires a varied skill set and the ability to clearly articulate typically amorphous concepts, such as what really attracts people to one another, what makes two people "right" for each other, and how an individual can improve his stock in the dating world without having to completely overhaul his personality.

Read books about relationships and dating. Expand your interests to include perspectives from both men and women in order to get a well-rounded view of the type of advice that is available to both genders. Attend seminars about relationships and take extensive notes on the things that pop out to you as being most important.

Improve your own love life by going out and meeting new people. Set small goals at first, like simply saying hi to everyone you see for a day, including strangers. Exercise your social muscles by being bold and introducing yourself to someone you are interested in, regardless of whether you know him or not. Start dating to develop a keen eye for exactly what type of person you are interested in; this will help you explain to your clients how knowing what you want can lead to getting it.

Hire a relationship coach for yourself and let her know you are interested in her line of work. Pay close attention to the advice she gives you and how she handles her clients, to get a better picture of how a professional relationship coach operates. Offer to work as an intern for a while in order to gain hands-on experience in this career field.

Once you feel comfortable with dating and have enough of a foundation to give advice, offer consultations at a reduced price to gain real experience working with individuals to improve their love lives. Begin writing about relationships, drawing from the information you have learned from others and your own insights.

Seek certification as a relationship coach or dating instructor from the Relationship Coaching Institute or a similar program of study. Begin to gather referrals from friends and family and let them know that you soon will be offering professional dating advice. Oftentimes, providing your friends with dating advice can be a bit tricky, so ask them if they know anybody who might be interested in receiving advice from a trained relationship coach, meaning you.

Once you have certification and have worked with enough clients that you feel comfortable moving into the professional realm of dating instruction, construct a resume that highlights the work you have done and your qualifications. Begin the search for a company that fits with your views of dating, and apply for a position on their roster of professional coaches. If you feel your client base is large enough, consider opening your own dating instruction business.


Be careful when taking on your friends or family as clients, especially when dealing with relationships. Giving someone an honest assessment of his strengths and weaknesses as a disinterested third-party expert is much different than offering that same assessment to someone you perhaps have known for years.