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How to Negotiate Salary With a Company Car

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When negotiating a salary, including bonuses such as a company car, remember that as stressful as this is, you have a lot of power. Most employers are willing to bargain over a salary even if it does include a company car. The following are some suggestions for you.

Negotiating a Salary With a Company Car

Learn all you can about your company’s situation. Have they gotten a lot of new business; are they acquiring another company; will they be hiring many more people; are others being offered a company car?

Make a comprehensive list of your accomplishments and what you have to offer the company that makes you so valuable an employee.

Research what comparable jobs pay, especially those that offer a company car.

Upgrade your job description. Be innovative, offer to take on more responsibility and make yourself indispensable.

Don’t expect your employer to set the tone for the negotiation. Take this responsibility upon yourself.

Begin bargaining from a high position, as high as is reasonable. Incorporate your research about what is being paid elsewhere and start negotiating on the high side. Don’t forget to bargain for benefits such as stock options, flextime, child-care reimbursement, more vacation or continuing education.

Hold off on talking about salary if you’re a potential hew hire. Try to have them offer you the job first. Once you are hired, your leverage increases.


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