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How to Join Blackwater "Mercenaries" Explained

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Want to work with "mercenaries" such as Blackwater (now Xe) or another private security company? This quick guide will help you find out how.

First off, stop saying "mercenaries!" Blackwater (now Xe) and other private security companies that the public considers mercenary are very particular about their image, thanks to events in Iraq and elsewhere.

Most "mercenaries" expect combat experience from their employees, though there are also support roles available. Exceptions may be made for career paramilitary. Join the Army, become a police officer, or at least join your local citizens' militia.

Obtain skills that would be of value to the firm, such as conversational skill centered a region where "mercenaries" like Blackwater (now Xe) or others are employed, battlefield first aid, helicopter piloting, and so on. Consider an online degree in fields such as counterterrorism.

If possible, travel extensively in the area or "theater" of operations in which you would prefer to work, to demonstrate your competence at navigating amongst the people there (make sure your "mercenaries" have a contract open in that area!)

Become extremely physically fit, meeting or exceeding the fitness requirements for the Army.

Learn to safely fire, handle, and maintain multiple firearms.

Have your credentials looked at and organized by a professional career services provider who specializes in military, law enforcement and counterterrorism-related clients.

Make financial and personal arrangements for your family in the event that you should be called away for a typical Blackwater "mercenary" contract, which can 6-12 months (other firms may differ.)

Submit your credentials and hope for the best! Private security contractors in firms such as Xe (formerly Blackwater) can make large sums of money in a relatively short time compared to their counterparts in national military organizations.


By the time you successfully prepare yourself for a "mercenary" career you will probably have many other job options! Private security contractors are bound by various laws, rules, and conventions and are regularly under scrutiny for their activities. Your premiums for life or health insurance may go up after you begin your career with your chosen "mercenaries", so consider making these arrangements well beforehand.


Though employees of companies like Blackwater are often used for "relatively safe" situations, like guarding remote areas (such as Kuwait), they can be found in dangerous, live-fire situations. Many in the public are wary of private contractors, and you may find that your new career creates tension in certain company. Expect this.