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How to Be a Car Designer

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Becoming a car designer is the dream of many young auto enthusiasts, but it takes more than just creativity and knowledge of cars to enter this field. Because there are many educational requirements, it is best to plan for this career before leaving high school.

Become multi-lingual in a language other than Spanish before you graduate from college. This will make you a more attractive candidate to design schools. Consider learning German, Italian or Japanese.

Build a portfolio showcasing your 2-D and 3-D drawing skills during your senior year of high school. Make your portfolio varied--not all sketches of cars--and put it in A2 or A3 format. Some schools will accept a digital portfolio on CD.

Choose a design school to attend that offers courses in automotive or transportation design. You will need to take these courses in order to learn how to design cars; just taking any design or sketching course will not do.

Select a bachelor's degree program from your chosen school. Because degrees in transportation or automotive design are rare, make sure you include these courses in your program, and get a degree in industrial or product design.

Successfully complete your bachelor's degree, and apply to work with a car company--or go on to get a master's degree and then apply for jobs. A bachelor's degree will suffice, but a master's degree will provide more opportunity for job advancement.


You can get a degree in engineering, but you'll likely end up working as a studio engineer who works with car designers.