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How to Deal With Nasty Coworkers

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Dealing with nasty coworkers can be tough, especially when we spend most of our time at our jobs. Sometimes, nasty coworkers can make it difficult to do our jobs, want to go to work, and have pleasant days at work. But there are ways to deal with nasty coworkers so that they don't affect your job. Here are some tips for dealing with nasty coworkers that will help you to enjoy coming to work and not dread the work week so much.

If nasty coworkers are affecting your job performance, let your boss know what is going on. Your boss should always be aware if you are having troubles at work. She or he needs to know what the situation is, how you are feeling affected, and what things you think could help to ease the troubles of a nasty coworker. Try keeping a list of times that this coworker is rude to you. Be sure that you record everything that is said and done on a piece of paper. Your boss will do better to help you remedy the situation if he or she knows what exactly is going on. Explain if you are being mistreated, gossiped about, physically harmed, or even sexually harassed. You should never have to put up with any mistreatment in the workplace and if it is happening, you need to let a manager or boss know. You deserve to have harmony in the workplace.

Confront the nasty coworker who is causing you trouble. This could be tricky if you have trouble with confrontation, but you definitely deserve to stick up for yourself. Confronting a coworker does not have to cause a huge argument, nor be done in a mean way. Simply tell the nasty coworker that you'd appreciate him or her staying away from you and just letting you do your job. Explain that you do not like his attitude and you do not wish to put up with his treatment any longer. Many times, sticking up for yourself and mend the situation. You may find that things at home are bad for this person and he takes it out on others at work because he has no other outlet. In any case, it's important for you to stand up for yourself so this nasty coworker understands that you are not going to put up with his treatment. Be strong and stern and speak your mind.

Kill a nasty coworker with kindness. No matter how nasty someone is to you at work, try to be polite and kind to them. Smother them with niceness and courtesy. This isn't always easy when someone at work is being nasty to you, but it's very effective. First of all, it becomes harder and harder for that nasty coworker to continually treat you badly when you are so nice to them. Secondly, you will feel better about yourself for not coming down to their level. When you are nice to someone who is being nasty to you, it helps you to deal with the situation better by making you less stressed out. You may also find that the nasty coworker is having a bad day or a bad life and you being kind gets them out of that mood. We don't always understand what others are going through and it just could be that the nasty coworker needs someone to be nice to them to change their attitude at work.

Ask the nasty coworker what his or her problem is. Speak to them nicely, but sternly about their nastiness and find out what is going on. Ask if he or she has a personal problem with you that can be settled. You may just find out what is making this coworker behave so meanly and you both can find some common ground. Calling a person out on their rude behavior can really work. Some people don't even realize how nasty they can be because they are so used to always being in a bad mood. Simply pull the nasty coworker aside and ask them why they are always so rude to you. Don't let them get away without an answer either. Tell him or her that you want to settle the problem and are willing to take however long necessary until you both get it solved.

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