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How to Get a Waste Water Treatment Certification

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A wastewater treatment certification will open up a number of different jobs that earn on average $30,000-$49,000 per year as of 2011, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While no certification is required at a national level to be hired as a wastewater treatment operator, companies tend to look more favorably on those with some training or certification. Also, some states require wastewater operators to be certified. Wastewater treatment programs are available at community colleges and online.

Enroll in a wastewater treatment program. Wastewater treatment courses are often found as part of a community college curriculum and take approximately four quarters to complete. The length of the program may take longer if you need prerequisites; be sure and talk to a counselor at the college to make sure you have your entrance credits covered.

Study for the wastewater operator certification exam for your state. Some states have study guides available to help you get ready. Other states offer online courses to prepare you for the test.

Register to take the wastewater operator certification exam. Check your state's requirements for registration and return all the paperwork necessary by the correct date.

Pass the wastewater operator certification exam with whatever percentage your state requires to receive your certification.


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