How to Become a Certified Med Tech

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Medical technologists play a vital role in all areas of health care. It is one of the faster-growing professions and the need will only increase. Medical technologist work in physician's offices and labs. They collect and analyze body fluids and specimens, test for microorganisms and conduct chemical tests to look for drugs or other substances. Certification as a medical technologist is not required in all states, but it is highly desired. A strong college program will help you prepare for the certification process.

Complete an academic program in Medical Technology. Bachelor's degrees are available at many universities. You may also need applied job experience in some cases.

Apply for certification through the American Medical Technologists. Download the form from the AMT website. (See resources).

Complete the application paperwork and mail the application fee to the AMT with $125 (domestic) and $160 (international). Wait for the AMT to send you a letter with instructions about scheduling your certification exam.

Arrange a date for your exam and study for the test. Use the resources available on the AMT website to help you prepare.

Take the exam at an appropriate testing facility or your school. You should know if you passed as soon as you finish the test. You will receive your certification card in the mail shortly after passing the exam.


Work with your adviser to make sure you have taken all the classes you need to pass the exam.