How to Get a Job at McDonald's

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What once began as a small hamburger stand in Illinois has became one of the largest and most recognizable corporations in the world. A job at McDonald's can be fun and rewarding, and the opportunity for advancement in the company is high.

Find a McDonald's restaurant in your area and determine whether that location is where you want to apply. Choosing the right location is a key step to getting a job at McDonald's. You need to find a location that is easy for you to commute to and one that is in an area you feel comfortable working in.

Go to the location where you wish to work and ask the manager on duty for an application. McDonald's employees fill out a standard employment application that details your personal information as well as your education background and any relevant skills or attributes. Complete the application and leave it with a manager on duty.

Wait for a manager to call you to schedule an interview. In the interim, you can travel to other McDonald's and complete applications for those locations in case your primary choice does not work out. If you have not heard back from the McDonald's after a week, call the location and inquire about your application's status.

Dress well and be confident in the interview. A suit and tie is not necessary but do not show up in jeans and a T-shirt. Remember that the interview is a chance for the interviewer to find out a little more about you. Boost the relevant skills you will bring to McDonald's with examples. For instance, if you helped out in a food kitchen, explain that you have food experience because of your time spent at the food kitchen.

Stress the qualities that McDonald's looks for in its employees. According to McDonald's corporate website, McDonald's seeks members who are enthusiastic about working for the company and those who would be proud to join the ranks of one of the biggest fast food chains in the world. Ask questions, make eye contact and exude excitement about working for McDonald's.

Wait for an offer. After the interview, another waiting game begins. This time you will be waiting to see whether you are a right fit for McDonald's. Sometimes, an offer can come directly after the interview. Other times it will take a couple days or even a week.

Repeat the above steps if your first location does not hire you. McDonald's has plenty of locations and many of them are looking for hard workers. If one location does not pan out, do not despair. Go back through the steps and keep trying until you land the job.