How to Find Examples of Two Week Notice Letters

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Two-week notice letters come in handy when you're ready to quit your job. But what if you don't know how to write them? That's where examples of two week notice letters come in. Through various examples of two week notice letters, you can get some idea of how to write them without being forced to buy a book or hire a professional writer. That's why you might want to pay attention to the steps below as they reveal resources that contain free examples of two week notice letters.

Visit About.com. About.com has a corollary site called 'JobSearchTech' that reveals examples of two week notice letters. And don't think you'll be given just one example. Here you get a variety of letters, with some talking about a general resignation and others talking about more unique resignation, (like if you're resigning because your work performance was less than satisfactory).

Try swainsborotech.edu. This source reveals only one example of a two week notice letter. And it does it in a template fashion. This means you can plug it into a word processor and just plug in your name to make the notice more worthwhile.

Consider LovetoKnow. The business section of LovetoKnow contains one example of a two week notice letter. And like swainsborotech, it is designed in a template form.


If you copy and paste the text in an example resignation letter, you should be able to edit it right in Microsoft Word.

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