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How to Fill Out a Police Application

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The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics 2008-2009 Occupational Outlook Handbook reports that the average salary for a police officer is about $47,000. Police departments typically require that you be at least 19 to 21 years old before you apply to their academy. After you meet the eligibility requirements to become a police officer, most departments allow you to complete and submit your application online. Although each department has different application requirements, the following information is generally requested.

Provide Personal Identification and Work and Educational History

Type or write in your personal identification and contact information, including your name, Social Security number and mailing address. Include your email address and home and work telephone numbers. Indicate your age, gender, birth date and driver’s license number.

Give the name and mailing address for the organizations you have worked for in the past ten years. If your work experience does not extend back ten years, provide the names and mailing addresses for your last employers. Military veterans should include the military branch and dates that they served. List security or police training and experience you gained while in the military or while working at another organization.

Start with the most recent college or high school that you attended. List the name, mailing address and dates that you attended each school. Indicate whether or not you earned a diploma or degree, and note your major. Note special organizations you belonged or belong to, such as fraternities or sororities. Note special awards and achievements you received in high school or college.

Attach an official copy of your driver’s license, birth certificate, Social Security card, college degree, high school diploma and other requested documentation. Pay the required fees, which generally range between $20 and $40.

Certify that the information contained in the application is accurate by signing the completed application. Submit the document to the police department address located at the top or bottom of the form. Keep a copy of the mailed application should you need to answer questions or refer to it in the future.