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How to Write an Evaluation

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Whether you are running your own business or serving in a management capacity for someone else, being able to evaluate an employee's performance is important to the success of your career. A well-written evaluation can help you pinpoint exactly what an employee can do to improve performance. An evaluation also provides a useful opportunity to practice positive reinforcement with good-performing employees.

Determine what type of evaluation is needed. A larger company may use an evaluation form. These forms normally contain different categories for each area of evaluation and a simple scale to designate how the employee is performing in that area, along with room for additional comments. In a smaller company, you may simply write a paragraph reviewing past performance and determining if you need to set new goals for the next evaluation period.

Put thought into how you write your evaluation. If an employee is underperforming, it is important that you note this in the appropriate section and provide specific examples. The goal with the evaluation is to make sure that an uninvolved third party can accurately gauge the employee's performance based on the evaluation you completed.

Make use of the space available for your comments. Perhaps an employee is not reaching his sales goal or is not retaining customers. Providing specific feedback shows how he can improve his performance. Likewise, give positive feedback to let an employee know you recognize her abilities and assets.

Write clearly and plainly, and be able to present the evaluation. Most companies encourage managers to meet with the employee to discuss the evaluation. Take this opportunity to explain the evaluation, reviewing the main points and discussing how you reached your conclusions.


You can purchase generic performance evaluation forms at office supply stores. Always check with your company's human resources department before performing an evaluation to get the latest updates to evaluation forms or requirements.


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