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How to Become a Master Herbalist

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A master herbalist is a specialist in herbal medicine who can advise people on what herbal remedies to use to resolve various health issues. Retailers of herbs will often employ master herbalists to advise customers on the products they need to cure ailments naturally. Anyone can become a master herbalist; however, master herbalists are not licensed to diagnose or treat diseases.

Find a school that offers a degree program in herbal medicine. For example, the School of Natural Healing has a distance learning degree program for those interested in becoming master herbalists.

Before you are eligible for the master herbalist degree program, schools will require that you complete training as a general or family herbalist. Be sure to take all general herbalist courses before pursuing a master herbalist degree.

Begin the master herbalist degree program. On average, you will need to successfully complete twenty courses that focus on different areas of herbs and natural healing methods. Examples of required classes offered by the School of Natural Healing include Simple Home Remedies, Herb Identification, Botany and History of Natural Healing. On average, it may take as many as three to four years to complete the degree program to become a master herbalist.

Complete the certification exam at the conclusion of the master herbalist program. A skills test will be given prior to your receiving your certificate. The test will cover the information you learned in your courses, including the common names, Latin names, identification and uses of different herbs.

Apply for jobs through companies that hire master herbalists. Potential career opportunities include working for herb product development firms, acting as a nutritional consultant, doing health writing, offering instruction in alternative medicine and consulting for herb product retailers.