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How to Get an Internship at Teen Vogue

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Teen Vogue is an extremely popular fashion magazine for teenagers. It regularly features high fashion, beauty tips and relationship advice, as well as interviews with celebrities. Teen Vogue hires some interns to help with its magazine production, especially during the summer months when much of the staff goes on vacation, but there are hundreds of people trying to land the few, coveted internships available. Getting an internship at Teen Vogue is a fantastic entree into the magazine or fashion world.

Go to the Teen Vogue website, or get a copy of the magazine. The website will help you learn more about the magazine, its history, and current trends. It will also help you learn more about the staff's writing style.

Click on careers at the bottom of the Teen Vogue website. The website will direct you to the Conde Nast website, which is the parent company of the magazine. Click on the "Summer Intern Program" link on the left-hand side of the website.

Create a profile on the website. This will allow you submit a resume and cover letter online. In both, you should write briefly and brightly about yourself, emphasizing assets that you think might be useful to the magazine. You may then search for Teen Vogue opportunities in the job listings. The submission will also help you learn more about additional requirements, such as essays, pictures and transcripts; you may very well have to submit a picture of yourself.

Follow up with the editor of the department where you wish to intern, either by emailing or phoning. By making contact with the magazine and showing your interest, you may learn more about the employment process and tips that will get your foot in the door. It also helps enormously to know someone who already works there and can recommend or suggest you. If you know someone on staff, mention his or her name in your cover letter.

Get up-to-date news about the industry. Resources such as and will help you learn more about current news within the magazine industry. The insights you gain may help you as you contribute your skills in the position.


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