How to Respond to a Job Offer Letter

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Congratulations on successfully interviewing and obtaining an offer for a new job. Now the real challenge begins. Whether you think so or not, each interaction with your new employer is being considered in the grand scheme of things. Generally after interviewing, a verbal offer is made for you to, in turn, accept or decline. How you respond to a written offer is your first formal communication and therefore, key to your future relationship.

Read over your job offer letter carefully. Responses vary from company to company: (1) some offer letters include a form to sign and return prior to starting; (2) some offer letters are a one-way communication that includes the start date and time and no response is required; or (3) some offer letters require a formal written response the same way you would submit a formal written resignation.

Ensure that you are in agreement with the terms listed before signing and returning for response type (1). If not, contact your hiring manager or Human Resources representative to seek clarity or to clear up any misunderstandings.

Ask questions if you have any for response type (2), although no response is required.

Write a memo or letter stating that you accept the offer for response type (3). Keep it simple and concise by restating the basic offer components.


If your response is time limited, be sure to respond within the established deadline. Although the ball is in your court, be sure to be humble and professional in your communication. If you are unsure of something, ask questions.