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How to Become a Emirates Travel Agent

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Obtaining a position as a travel agent for the United Arab Emirates has quickly become a popular and desired career choice. This elite group of travel agents is at the top of the world’s changing trends and economic diversification. As a United Arab Emirates travel agent, excellent communication skills and customer service finesse are the key characteristics one must possess. Travel agencies servicing the United Arab Emirates consider their travel agents first-rate. Therefore, it is important that, as one considering becoming an Emirates travel agent, you set your expectations for yourself as high as that of your potential employers.

Hold at least a high school diploma or equivalent thereof. Applicants must have a high school education to be considered for the position of an Emirates travel agent.

Speak, read and write English. If you do not feel you can speak, read or write English fluently, learn how to. This is important as you will be dealing with clients from all over the world, the majority of whom will speak, read and write English.

Have sales experience. Sales experience with reservations, airline tickets or travel agencies is helpful.

Learn basic ticketing and airfares. This will be expected when you work with airlines and other travel agencies

Educate yourself on mathematics and geography. This will improve client relations when you are equipped to respond to inquiries.

Have work Visa or work permit valid in the desired country of employment. This can be obtained through the national embassy if not through your current country of residence.

Research various travel agencies in the Emirates. Determine their specific qualifications and apply on their websites or through whatever mode they expect applicants to send their inquiries.


Gain education and experience in the travel industry. Have all documentation at your disposal.

  • Gain education and experience in the travel industry. Have all documentation at your disposal.

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