How to Become a Cagle's Chicken Farmer

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Becoming a Cagle's Inc. chicken farmer is no small task. You should have knowledge of chicken farming, adequate land, facilities that are up and running, and successful egg production and breeding. If you're managing a productive chicken farm in Georgia, you have the background to be a farmer-contractor on the Cagle team. What's unique about the Cagle company is that Cagle is a family run organization with a top quality brand name, especially recognizable in the South. Cagle's chickens have been around since 1945, and the company is loyal to its people. If you want to be part of the Cagle team, the steps are fairly simple.

How to Become a Cagle's Chicken Farmer

Know chickens.You must have a well-run, clean and successful facility. If you are just starting out in chicken farming, find work at a Cagle farm.

Decide the phase of Cagle chicken farming in which you would like to specialize: breeding and egg production or the growing out phase, which raises the chickens until they are ready for market.

Talk to the owner of a Cagle's farm in your area.

Contact the Cagle hatchery live operations manager, the human resources manager or the Cagle Feed Mill manager.


The office of the vice president of live operations can guide you in your quest to become a Cagle's contractor-farmer.