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How to Be a Unit Secretary

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Unit secretaries are administrative support professionals who act as liaisons between physicians and patients. Most unit secretaries work primarily in hospital settings, although private clinics, law firms, dentist offices, insurance companies and government agencies also employ unit secretaries. Job duties for a unit secretary include, but are not limited to, scheduling, billing, typing correspondences and reports, medical transcribing, and clerical and management duties. Unit secretaries' job duties will vary based on the needs of their employer and their skill level. The pay range for a unit secretary is $20,870 to $42,600 annually, with $29,680 the average annual salary. The salary range for a unit secretary is based on several factors, such as geographical location, experience and place of employment. As with all professions, certain criteria must be met for employment consideration. To become a unit secretary, you need to possess the skills an employer is looking for and you may need certification in one of the following areas: medical transcription, office administration or nursing.

Obtain your high school diploma or GED (General Education Diploma). Employers often require an applicant to have a high school diploma to be considered for employment.

Gain the necessary office experience. A unit secretary's job depends on her ability to effectively manage an office; this includes clerical duties, such as filing, and using a copier, scanner, fax machine and other office equipment without assistance. To gain clerical experience, volunteer at your local hospital, law office or insurance firm; such work looks impressive on your resume and will allow you to receive the required experience at no cost to you.

Increase your typing speed. Unit secretaries are required to do a lot of typing; this includes transcription, correspondences, reports and other forms of written content. Most employers require unit secretaries to type at least 40 words per minute in order to be considered for employment. Several free typing tutorials are available to help you gain the speed and accuracy necessary to become a unit secretary. These include learn2type, Mavis Beacon and TypingMaster and can be purchased online or at your local Best Buy retailer.

Practice on perfecting your computer skills. You must have proficiency in Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, Excel and PowerPoint. Because unit secretaries are vital to the overall administration support, you must be knowledgeable in the appropriate software and programs. A unit secretary needs to be able to perform key tasks, such as downloading and uploading files, saving and storing files, and a host of other necessary computer skills. You do not have to be an expert but you must be able to work on these programs with little to no assistance.

Take a few college courses in computer science or administration. Technology is always progressing, and so should you. Completing college courses in your spare time will be looked on favorably by your potential employer.


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