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How to Find a Job Out of State

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Whether your partner has to relocate or you have had no luck finding a job in the area that you live, looking for a job in another geographic location could provide better opportunities and may seem like the best thing to do. Although a relocation job strategy presents some different challenges than a local job search, there are some things you can do to help you find a job out of state.

The Power of the Internet

Since many companies now use social media, you can often reach out and introduce yourself to a potential employer or employees of a company through the use of social media websites such as, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Tell them you are relocating to their state and you would like to learn more about the area you are moving to. Most people are happy to help people moving to their town or city and will gladly share information about their organization and what it might take for you to work there.

Location, Location, Location

There's no doubt that it is unnerving to pick up and move out of state to an area that you know almost nothing about. Doing some research ahead of time will not only help you know what companies to target in your job search, but it also can help you to narrow the search area for where you want to live. Once you have determined the distances between the potential companies where you could work, you can choose apartments or housing communities that are within easy driving proximity.

Visit or Contact a College Career Center

Although you may not have graduated from college, you often can discuss career options with counselors at college career centers in the area where you are relocating. They generally will know about career fairs or information sessions with employers are in the area. In some cases, they may have the ability to connect you directly with employers, assist you with your resume or even provide a helpful critique of your cover letter.

You've Got Some Explaining to Do

According to an article on U.S News Money, blog writer Alison Green states that you can improve your odds of getting hired by sharing your reasons for relocating in the cover letter of your resume. Employers generally will have less resistance to hiring you if they know why you are moving. Since some managers don't fully read through a cover letter, she also advises mentioning on the resume itself where you are relocating to and what your time frame for moving is.